Pigtown Talks – two for the diary this weekend

We are very excited in Pigtown Series Central about this event…

FRIDAY 8PM: History of the Meat Industry in Limerick

As part of Elemental Festival, Tom Toomey, local historian and author, will give a lecture on the food history of the City – our Pigtown Roots, Ranks and Cleeves factories – their rise and downfall on Friday evening September 8th.

Joe Hayes of the Pork Butcher Society and Ruth Guiry, author of ‘Pigtown – A history of Limericks Bacon Industry’ will be following this with their take on the meat industry in Limerick. This sounds absolutely fascinating. The event is being held in the Milk Market Gallery and there will be some local Limerick foods and drinks to sustain you through the evening…

SATURDAY 12Pm: Beyond the Pig – Veganism in a Meat Eaters World

The second one is on Saturday 9th at 12pm: “Beyond the Pig- Veganism in a meat eaters world” Why veganism? Is veganism the healthy, ethical and sustainable option, or are vegans deluded? Is there any place for meat eaters in a world running out of resources? Were we put on this earth to rule over and eat animals so it’s our god-given right? Is meat just too darn tasty to give up? These questions and many others will be discussed, chewed over and digested (or spat out) by our panel at the second of our Pigtown Talks hosted by Slow Food Limerick in The Milk Market mezzanine.

Our panel consists of local award-winning author, blogger, journalist and food writer Val O’Connor; writer and creator of the acclaimed zine “Things what are on in Limerick” Seamus Ryan; local chef and artisan producer Ciara Brennan of Happy Food at Home; and Green Party candidate, award-winning young chef and food writer Xander Cosgrave. The moderator of the event is local artisan producer, award-winning author and ethnobotanist Theresa Storey from The Green Apron.

What an excellent line up we have – this is going to be a sizzling discussion so come on down and join us!