Enter the #MyPigtown mobile photo competition!

With LIMERICK’s PIGTOWN Series in full swing it’s time to get snapping!

We know there are a lot of budding mobile photographers out there so LIT’s Department of Food & Tourism are running a competition to showcase the best that PIGTOWN has to offer.

Make real use of your mobile phone and take some pics – everyone is welcome to enter…


Submitting your photos

Email your mobile phone photo to taste@lit.ie along with the photo title/caption and details (including your contact phone number) so that we can credit you properly.

Alternatively, post your PIGTOWN photo to Instagram using #mypigtown. Tag #pigtownlimerick too and follow them on @pigtownlimerickfood


Be sure to check the Terms & Conditions below as they include details on photo size and ownership:

Photo sizes and restrictions

  • You can submit your PIGTOWN Photo on email or Instagram (or both).
  • Email your photo to taste@lit.ie. If posting on instagram use #mypigtown, tag #pigtownlimerick in your photo and follow @pigtownlimerickfood
  • Photos MUST be taken by a mobile phone.
  • Photos must feature some aspect linking the pig industry (culturally, economically or otherwise) with Limerick including people, places, things, animals, foods, spaces and events.
  • Pictures submitted via email should send their photo as JPEG files (.jpg). Feel free to include a caption to explain your picture.
  • Photos should be a maximum of 10MB in size
  • LIT reserves the right to crop any photographs submitted in order to fit the overall design and format of the LIT website. We will make every effort to preserve the integrity of your work though!
  • Images which have been heavily digitally edited will not be accepted. While some basic enhancements are allowed (brightness, contrast, and sharpening etc.), these should be kept to a minimum. The Judge is an expert on this so we’ll know!
  • Closing date is October 12th 2017 (strictly!)